Research Profile: Crystalizing Proteins

By Olivia Singler Carolyn Allain, FCRH ’17, is working with Dr. Paul Smith in the Chemistry Department to study protein structures.  Determining the structures of proteins can tell us about their function.  Abnormalities in the structure of proteins can be linked to problems in cellular processes. In collaboration with the Stevens Institute in New Jersey, … More Research Profile: Crystalizing Proteins

Research Profile: Breaking Down Meteorites

By Phyllis Chiang Juliette Strasser, FCRH’ 17, is working with Dr. Jon Friedrich in the Chemistry Department to study meteorites. Meteorites can tell us a lot about the universe, their melt history, and what they have undergone in the solar system by looking at their crusts and their chondrule shapes and interactions. In general, Strasser … More Research Profile: Breaking Down Meteorites

Research Profile: Latina Representation in the Media

Cate Carrejo, a communication and business administration major, marketing and psychology minor, was one of the students featured at last year’s Undergraduate Research Symposium. Her work was an investigation into the quality of Latina representation in primetime television. “I’m Latina, and it’s always been a problem for me to find a truly positive role model,” … More Research Profile: Latina Representation in the Media