Peer Review Process

The Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal is peer reviewed by a staff of qualified undergraduates and faculty reviewed by scholars in relevant fields.

The following are examples of elements our peer reviewers look for in STEM submissions and Social Sciences and Humanities submissions:

STEM Submissions

  • A testable, falsifiable thesis
  • Relevant and distinguishable sections (Introduction, Methods, etc.)
  • Background information about current research in the field and an explanation of the current study’s unique contribution to the field
  • Clear experimental methods
  • Results explained in an accessible manner, along with conclusions that describe the greater significance of the results

Social Sciences and Humanities Submissions

  • A clear and original thesis
  • Effective usage of outside sources to drive the thesis
  • Accessibility of content to those outside the field
  • A unique perspective on the research topic rather than a summary of other author’s work
  • Enough detail for verification of the results and conclusions

All Submissions:

  • An original thesis founded in current research
  • Arguments presented with a clear logical flow
  • Limited errors in mechanics or grammar that could interfere with the intended meaning
  • Appropriate evidence to support the conclusions
  • Accessible content to readers outside the field