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Applications for the 2022-23 academic year are open and will close on September 14th. Please direct any questions to Click here to apply.

FURJ Job Descriptions 2022-2023

Copy Editing Staff — A Copy editor must be hardworking, attentive to detail, a good communicator, able to be firm, and able to adhere to deadlines. A Copy editor suggests grammatical or syntactical revisions in submissions and submits them to the Copy Editor. The majority of their work occurs in the Spring semester, though copy editors must actively attend journal-sponsored events and contribute ideas for improvements to FURJ. All information necessary for a Copy staffer’s success is covered in the Fall semester training and training materials.  

Peer Review Staff — The Peer Review staffer reviews article submissions and provides constructive feedback and/or suggestions on how to improve a submission with the hope of publishing it. Peer review staffers must learn the different types of article submissions (sciences, humanities, and social sciences) and identify proper formatting of research components and sections. Peer review staffers give their recommendations on decisions to accept, accept pending minor revisions, and accept pending major revisions based on scholarly standards. All information necessary for a Peer Review staffer’s success is covered in the Fall semester training and training materials.

Book Review Staff — The Book Review staffer reviews book review submissions and makes suggestions for revisions. Book Review Staffers may also be asked to write book reviews. Along with the Book Review Editor, the Book Review staffer works to get rights and approval to print images of book cover jackets. Book Review staffers should maintain contact with the Media staff to promote books written by Fordham faculty for review in the journal and promote writing book reviews for the journal.


News Writers & Staff — News writers & staffers are responsible for writing a News section for publication in the print copy of the journal by doing interviews, investigating ongoing research, and writing articles on research projects occurring on Fordham’s campus. News writers & staffers are also responsible for generating news articles for publication on  “NewsWeb,” FURJ’s News WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, throughout both semesters. The News Staff will work closely with the Social Media staff to create interview content, such as student researcher spotlights and other multimedia, and accordingly post them on FURJ social media accounts.

Social Media Staff — Social Media staffers are responsible for working with the Social Media Editors to publicize FURJ to the Fordham community, particularly by advertising the call for submissions. Social Media staffers will work with the editors to generate a posting schedule, and create content for the FURJ social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They will coordinate with the News staff to generate media content.

Print Staff — Print staffers, along with their team and Editors, are responsible for producing the finished form/layout of the journal in Adobe InDesign. This entails coordinating with the other Print staffers, the Print Editor, and Media Editors to create a series of deadlines by which to send final work and layouts to the Copy editors.


All Positions — All E-Board members and General Staff members must meet with their staffs regularly to discuss the progress of the publication and their work with other members to finalize the articles chosen for submission. These meetings are at the discretion of the staff leaders, but they should occur roughly every two weeks in the Fall semester and about every week in the Spring semester until publication. All members must also attend all FURJ sponsored events, including the Undergraduate Research Symposium in April, where the finished, printed publication will be distributed.


The Application for Fall of 2022-Spring of 2023 is now open! Click here to apply.