Submission FAQs


Q: What types of work can be submitted to FURJ? 

A: FURJ accepts four types of contributions: articles, communications, book review and review essays, and photo essays. For detailed descriptions of each type, review the criteria under the Submission Guidelines link. 

Q: Can I submit work from a Fordham class?  

A: Yes, as long as it is a piece of original research. 


Q: What format should article submissions be? 

A: Please submit articles, communications, book reviews, review essays, and abstracts for photo essays as a Word document. Photos essays should be submitted as .JPG files.

Q: What citation format should I use? 

A: FURJ uses three citation styles: The Chicago Manual of Style, APA (American Psychological Association) style, and CSE (Council of Science Editors) style. To determine which style is appropriate for your submission, consult the presentation on style guidelines. 

Q: What is the manuscript word limit, and what does it include? 

A: The word limit is 4500 words (about 20 pages, but Editors are willing to accept manuscripts with more). It includes text, notes, references, tables, figures, images, and appendices, but it excludes the abstract. 

Q: Can I submit something over the word limit? 

A: No, there is a strong limit of 4500 words per manuscript. 

Q: What is the photo limit for a photo essay? How long should the accompanying abstract be? 

A: Photo essays should contain no more than 12 photos and no less than 8 photos. In addition to the photo submission, artists should include an abstract of no more than 400 words describing their work. 


Q: Can I write a book review on any book?

A: No, FURJ book reviews pertain to recently published scholarly books. 

Q: If I’m interested in writing a book review on a work by a Fordham professor, how can I access it?

A: All books by Fordham faculty members are available through the library. 


Q: Can I submit work that has already been published elsewhere? 

A: In the case of submitting work that has already been published outside of FURJ, you must get permission from the other publisher. 

Q: If I am published in FURJ, can I still submit that work to other academic journals? 

A: Yes, publication in FURJ does not disqualify your work from being published elsewhere. 

Q: If my article is rejected, can I resubmit it after making edits?

A: Yes, each article can be submitted one additional time before the final submission deadline in the Spring.

Q: Can I submit work to FURJ if I am part of FURJ staff?

A: Yes, all FURJ members who are not part of the E-Board are allowed to submit their work to FURJ.