Adventures in Raman Spectroscopy

I was lucky enough to land an exclusive interview with Bernadette Haig, a Fordham junior who recently finished up research on the development of a microsphere Raman probe, which has exciting cancer treatment implications. Bernadette, an Engineering Physics and Classical Civilization double major, worked as the sole student researcher under Dr. Stephen Holler to investigate optical techniques for … More Adventures in Raman Spectroscopy

Fordham Junior Researches Nanoparticles Abroad

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Fordham’s own Sara Hurley to discuss her exciting summer research project. Sara, a Class of 2018 Chemistry major, spent her summer at the University of Cologne in Germany working with a world-class research team on nanoparticle modification for micro-RNA delivery. When asked how she settled on this … More Fordham Junior Researches Nanoparticles Abroad

Research Profile: Resiliency in Young-Adult Cancer Survivors

Dr. Mary Procidano, clinical psychologist and associate professor, is on the forefront of the latest psychology research, focusing on contemporary culture and influences on human development. Her research, Motherworks, investigates working mother’s collaboration between work and home life and behaviors that exhibit their resilient development. In addition to Motherworks, Dr. Procidano is working with Fordham … More Research Profile: Resiliency in Young-Adult Cancer Survivors