On Structure-Function Relationships

As a man whose skills are related to bioinformatics, protein expression, biochemistry, and “general troublemaking,” Dr. Paul Smith has a lot on his hands. Dr. Paul Smith is currently a professor in the Chemistry Department at Fordham’s Rose Hill campus who divvies up his time between teaching and carrying out multiple laboratory research projects. Smith … More On Structure-Function Relationships

Fordham Junior Researches Nanoparticles Abroad

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Fordham’s own Sara Hurley to discuss her exciting summer research project. Sara, a Class of 2018 Chemistry major, spent her summer at the University of Cologne in Germany working with a world-class research team on nanoparticle modification for micro-RNA delivery. When asked how she settled on this … More Fordham Junior Researches Nanoparticles Abroad