Associate Professor of Political Science at Fordham University Nicholas Tampio researches succession of Enlightenment philosophe ideologies and their effect on contemporary politics and philosophy. Tampio acquired his PhD from Johns Hopkins University and quickly delved into education policy after the implementation of the Common Core in 2012, which was sponsored by the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers.

Tampio’s first work, Kantian Courage, published by Fordham University Press in 2012, explores how Kant’s Critical Theory of Knowledge is apparent today as it is revived by Anglo-American, European, and Islamic political theorists. Tampio has also published a book entitled Deleuze’s Political Vision, in which he explains that Gilles Deleuze’s A Thousand Plateaus needs to enter the political theory canon. Tampio has peer-reviewed publications in the Journal of Politics, Politics & Religion, and Political Theory, as well as in more well-known news outlets such as CNN, Huffington Post, and Aeon. He has just recently began a position with Cambridge University Press as Political Theory Editor of Politics and Religion.

Tampio is currently working on his next book on national education standards and democracy. Education for Tampio goes beyond just a passing interest. In fact, as a father of children who are currently in elementary school, he vicariously experiences American education through them. He opposes the rigidity of the Common Core program as he believes in demoralizes both students and teachers alike. Tampio has expressed this skeptical sentiment in his opinion articles, including “Corporate Science Standards Not Best for Schools” in Journal News and “Why Common Core Tests Are Bad” for CNN.

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